They say Mozart used to write music as if he were being dictated to by a higher power. Beethoven, on the other hand, would labor over his works, reworking, refining and ultimately perfecting his compositions. The way I work is more like Beethoven.

I recently blogged about updating a painting of mine called Blow in Sequel to "The Sequel" (March '08). The original Blow is a piece that is very dear to me, as it is one of my first Interludes paintings (a series work of musicians). I recently wanted to create an updated version of it to reflect the way my style of painting has evolved over the last few years. After spending some time with the newly completed painting, however, it appeared flat. Technically, it demonstrated the depth I am now able to achieve in my paintings, but it just didn't have that snap to it; the movement of the music. I recently took the time to rework the new piece. Below is a comparison between the original work (left), the newer version (middle) and its update (right). I am pleased with the results.


Blow Again

Revised Blow Again