Two years ago this week, I was mercifully laid off my last thankless job. The course of events that followed has been a test of will more than anything to me; a challenge and promise to myself to uncover more of who I really am- both as an artist and, more importantly, a human being. My time since then has been spent improving my artistic skills while becoming a better person in general. I feel like I have achieved progress on both fronts and yet have so much more to accomplish.

That first weekend, after the layoff, I remember walking in Washington Park with JQ. Late afternoon sunlight blanketed gold over the fallen leaves scattered on the dirt path; the path that seemed to symbolize my future. I told JQ that it would be interesting to see where I would be five weeks from then- for I couldn’t see much past that. I wondered if I would have another job that I would ultimately despise, or if I would lose my home and studio, or was this actually wake-up call to make the move and become a full-time artist. Where would I be? I had no idea.

Two years have passed, more quickly than I could have imagined and the five weeks that lie before me now are no more certain than they were on that day with JQ. The difference is in me and I trust my future will work out the way it is meant to. I have more clarity in what I am seeking in this life and ultimately where I'm going, but I realize there are factors beyond my control and I know that I have to roll with them when they arise- to be like water.

My pledge to sustain my full-time job as an artist is first and foremost because of a personal drive, but it is also a protest. It is an objection to the way we have been seduced as a society to relinquish our dreams for a paycheck. In going through all that I have these last two years, my hope is that I will continue to make the best art I possibly can, while becoming more conscious as a human being and serving as a positive influence to those around me... for those who still believe in their dreams.