What a Walk Will Do

Last week, I had a commitment to attend a four-day event in downtown Denver, not too far from my studio. Instead of driving, I decided to walk to and from the venue. More and more, I appreciate walks, as they slow my hurried world down and I'm able to see more of the nuances of what's happening around me. As I walked through my neighborhood each day, I noticed new things everywhere: graffiti, venues, construction, buildings, more construction. Denver is booming and there seems to be a new building going up on every block!

The walks were an adventure of new discoveries and compositional possibilities.

As much as it reconnected me to my neighborhood, it also reminded me that sometimes in both life and art, it helps to slow down, observe and reignite the excitement of possibility.


For the last 15 years, my studio has been located in what is now known as the River North Art District (aka RiNo). When I moved here, the location was actually referred to as Upper Larimer: RiNo had only been in existence for a year or slightly more prior, and referred to a budding art community (as opposed to an entire district). I moved here because the space was conducive to creating and displaying my art. It was only after the move that I discovered RiNo. I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of it since then.

During my time here, I have watched the neighborhood grow with artists of all styles converging to create a very unique environment which, as RiNo's tagline indicates, is "Where Art is Made." From new murals to growing First Fridays, I’m privy to watching the neighborhood come into its own.

Last year marked my re-emergence into the RiNo scene, after spending several years privately focusing on my artistic development. During that time, I lost touch with old friends in the neighborhood and missed out on meeting new folks as well. The time seemed right to get out of my studio and be a part of something greater than myself, once again. As luck would have it, RiNo was hosting a networking party for members, so I signed up and attended a recent event.

It was great to meet new people and see what kind of businesses are popping up in the neighborhood. So much growth has occurred within the last few years. In fact, next week begins an outdoor film festival called, "Side Stories" that I'm excited to check out. I am grateful to be part of this community.

Art Updates

I continue to plug away on six new paintings I am planning to show in either August or September for an open studio event. Progress in one of the works can be seen through the images below (the piece, still not completed, is tentatively called Terra Spill). I just completed two commissioned works which will be appearing on my website soon and am creating concepts for another major commissioned work for a collector of mine.

This weekend, I will be building my first new wooden supports, marking my departure from canvas to a new format. I am very excited about this development and even more so about the direction my work is taking. Over the next few weeks, I will be conceiving compositions for these new surfaces and am smiling as I type this.