One Hundred

One hundred. It's a significant number, but one that still seems achievable, whether it's dollars, push-ups, or in my case, a self-portrait series.

The three images above illustrate numbers 1, 10, and 20 from my series of 100 portraits.

Though there are a number of ways to improve your drawing skills, the requirements of dedicated time, execution of practice, and commitment to repetition are essential ingredients in learning and improving technique. Series artwork seems to satisfy these core learning tenants through the exploration of a particular subject or theme.

I recalled reading about John Singer Sargent and the idea that before he did any serious painting, he made about 100 sketches of that particular subject before he committed it to canvas. I thought about it and tried to recall how many times I typically rehearsed an idea before painting it. At most, I only produced about 20 versions of something without putting too much time into refinement.

Something inside of me knew it was time to be more disciplined in my approach. I wanted to become a better draftsman, and now the idea of completing 100 self-portrait drawings seemed like the right path to get me there.

To be continued...