The artwork-a-day concept has been on my radar for the last three years. I originally learned about it in through an art magazine. The article described an oil-painter who challenged himself to produce an oil-painting a day. He then offered these small-scale renderings through a blog site and ultimately found quite a market for himself while his reputation grew. Recently, another friend of mine began doing a sketch-a-day for his blog. The thought intrigued me, but not to the point where I wanted to commit a piece every day to post online. Never the less, the idea loomed in the back of my mind.

Last week, I found myself frustrated over my inability to effectively draw a specific concept I was thinking. I tried to think of a solution as this problem has been affecting me in little ways over the last few months. I soon realized, with my time in the studio recently diminished, I have been focusing all my limited sessions solely on painting which apparently has been at the expense of other aspects of my art. My work is more than simply applying pigment to a surface; it’s about being deliberate where I put it. To achieve the level of detail I intended for my work, I needed to refine my hand/eye coordination. It then became obvious I needed to find a way to employ hand/eye coordination exercises into my daily routine. That’s when I thought a sketch per day might worth while.

So, for the past week, I've made it a point to sketch at least one page’s worth of material; a sort of art journal I suppose. There, I’ve been conceiving ideas and polishing others as I prepare for new works. More importantly, I’ve been trying to employ more still-lifes into my observations. The consistency and nature of these exercises are really helping me improve my drafting skills. I believe this will translate well on the new cradle boards I’ve been developing. Who knows, if I come up with something worthwhile, I may even post it. Stay tuned...