Outside Insight

The woman stood just on the fringe of my artist booth, scanning each wall of my paintings from beneath her sunglasses at the summer festival.

“I really love your work,” she said.

“Why thank you very much,” I replied, flattered by her words.

She walked in closer to view the details of my work.

“Wow- there’s so much to these! I mean, if you get up close, there are patterns and great swatches of color, but as you step back it almost turns into something completely different. Reminds me of Batik.”

I had never heard of the term before and mistakenly thought she said boutique, not entirely sure how to respond. Was it some sort of floral reference perhaps? I was baffled and simply nodded my head, not knowing what else to do other than remain silent and assume she meant it as a complement. Leaving the tent, she smiled at me as I wished her a good afternoon.

Once she was out of earshot, JQ offered clarification over the comment. “It’s sort of a design within a design,” she explained.

After I got over my own ignorance, I smiled thinking how insightful the comment was. When we got home, I looked it up and felt gratified. The woman truly understood my intention, providing me not only with an affirmation that I am connecting to an audience, but a path of clarity through a new perspective.