Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Lately I've been mulling over my career as I do from time to time. I like to check in and see what's working, what isn't, what's driving me creatively, and what I've outgrown. In a recent session, I decided the name "Yellow House Studio" no longer matches my intentions as they relate to my creative space. When I first moved to my studio-loft over five years ago, I had grand plans to foster an environment I could not only produce and show my artwork in, but would serve as a central place for creative types to share ideas and display their work as well.

The concept had been forming in my mind for some time and as it did, I learned Vincent Van Gogh had a similar concept for the studio-apartment he once rented in Arles, a city in the south of France. He referred to the building as "The Yellow House" and so when I moved into my studio, I thought it an apt title. Eventually, Van Gogh was able to convince Paul Gauguin to join him in this artist collective, but the effort never materialized beyond that.

Shortly after I moved into my place, I learned of an organization that was already forming to achieve the same goals I had envisioned- the River North Art Community (aka RiNo). Not wanting to double their efforts or compete against them, I joined RiNo and have been a part of this growing artist’s neighborhood ever since. There are now approximately fifty artist studio/galleries in the area. Since joining RiNo, I have had the freedom to focus more on my artwork as opposed to organizing a larger undertaking. Consequently, I have shifted my focus from the Yellow House concept I initially envisioned.

Considering that, I have decided to drop the "Yellow House" entirely and use my own name exclusively for future branding purposes. I now introduce you to Jared Steinberg’s Studio. Gallery open by appointment only ;). Please visit for more information.