Dream Into Action

As I continue to evolve as an artist, my creative path becomes clearer and more deliberate. Yesterday, I wrote about my experience at the theater which served to reinforce ideas I have been considering, as they relate to the future of my artwork. It is not my desire to simply make paintings. I want to create work that will make people stop in their tracks and forget where they are… if only for a moment. I want people to stop and take a breath; to find a space where they can meditate on a given work. I realize this may not be a unique desire. Certainly this is what many artists hope to achieve through their craft, however, I am beginning to understand just how I can make this happen.

I want to create an experience for the viewer; an escape to lose themselves in; the same type of trance I discussed in my recollection of the play. The art is the hook to achieve this, of course, but I believe there are other factors that can contribute, as I draw upon my other skills and interests. Through the hands of an artist and the discerning eyes of a judge, I am working to combine the actor within me- to sell the illusion of the art- while the musician creates energy and movement, and the writer expresses the passage through a story or poem. The experience will be enhanced by the pristine conditions of a well-staged space with proper lighting.

So, there is the thought. The intention I put out. I am excited to send my words into action.