Dreaming Of A Life

I watched the Woody Allen film, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" with JQ last night. It is the story of two American women in their early twenties who go to Barcelona for the summer. There, they meet an artist who propositions them to spend a weekend together and through a series of events, a love-triangle forms and eventually becomes even more complicated as the artist's ex-lover enters the picture. Though I very much enjoyed the movie, there were really two elements that captivated me for the purpose of this blog.

The first was the way Allen successfully revealed the beauty of Barcelona through color and on-location scenes. The film has a red-tint to it, which I suspect is the influence of light specific to that particular region. Southern France, where Van Gogh painted for example, is well known for its yellowish light. The red in this film epitomized the passion of the story as well as the location itself. Additionally, there were various scenes of narrow streets, breathtaking architecture, cafés and the ocean which brought me closer to the experience, as if I was there.

The second part I found interesting was the life of the artist, as portrayed by Javier Bardem in the role of Juan Antonio: a renowned painter reveling in the prime of his passion and career. He was a charming character living his life fully- aware of his roots in family and career, a romantic, an intellectual- while appreciating the finer aspects of his life and remaining true to his art. Scenes of art openings, his home/studio, wine, taking friends on a tour of his hometown, hanging out with artists, poets and musicians all solidified the vision I have in my head of what I want my life to look like some day. Here's to hoping anyway. Watching artists portrayed in movies always serves to fuel my creative appetite. In this instance, it made me consider my life as an extension of my art... or vice versa.