Artist Notes On New Work

When I was a kid, I remember the view of the Colorado sky from our front lawn. The green hill enveloped me as I lie in its tall grass with my hands clasped behind my head and knees bent at ninety degree angles. Clouds appeared over the roof’s edge of the house, drifting from the top of my head on down, eventually disappearing behind the neighbor’s home across the street. I would daydream of flying.

My ‘Scapes series is about that kind of travel. I want to put the viewer in a place he or she might not ordinarily be: the middle of the ocean, for example, or flying above the front-range while noting the shapes of the landscape below, or maybe losing any frame of reference in the abstract form of clouds.

I’ve been working on a different approach with my landscape paintings, taking the viewer even higher up this time. Just as my old front yard got smaller as I grew older, so does the rest of the world as my perceptions shrink its size through relationships and experience; all that I have learned. Everything is relative.

The image on the right depicts the painting in progress during the first session.