Turning It Around

I’ve had Chicago on my mind lately. It’s been almost a year since I went there for The Artist Project, and nearly as long since I have been out of town at all. Between the economy and the flood, I find myself too broke to go anywhere. Never the less, I have been thinking about Chicago in particular.

The other day, I received an e-mail invitation to apply to a festival in Michigan. The intro began with regrets that TAP had been cancelled this year. I went to the website to verify if this was true or not and much to my dismay it was, making me pause to consider what that actually meant. Originally, I assumed that because of its location, its mission and organization that The Artist Project would be impervious to the downturn in the economy. Apparently, I was mistaken. It seems the more people I discuss the recession with, the more widespread I find its impact.

Like many others, I wonder when things will actually begin to turn around. I can’t help but believe the power to do so lies in each one of us; to do what we can to remove fear through acts of encouragement, compassion and ideally spending or investing in businesses and individuals. I am therefore resolved to change my attitude and do what I can to turn my situation around and hopefully influence those around me to do the same. Maybe I’ll be able to return to Chicago sooner than I think. Who knows?