Rolling With The Changes

It has been said that “change is the only constant.” Over the last year, my life and the world around me have gone through tremendous changes. My recent experience with a flooded studio forced me to make an unexpected adjustment into a new one. With my workflow interrupted and environment different, there was an impact on my art work. I went from being in a work space tailored to meet my needs to one that, though adequate, I could not make alterations to, and thus, could never get completely comfortable in.

I went from living and working in the same studio to living someplace else with a short commute to work, which forced me to plan a little more than I had in the past. Additionally, there was time needed to move and arrange my work tools and materials. Once I was settled in the new place, the impact on my work became obvious; the lighting was different, my hours were less flexible and I had to be a little more cautious considering the space was a loaner.

In order to make the most of my time there, I had to develop a new groove. I dealt with the lighting and space issues by shifting my focus on watercolors, which were less of a mess to deal with than oils and given my situation, were easier to control lighting for. By creating a more workable situation for myself, I was able to develop a more enthusiastic approach to my work and my time in the studio became more focused and productive. Three months later, I am now making another shift back to my original studio space.

Though I feel more at home, I cannot, for several reasons, go back to my past routine. For starters, I no longer live above my studio as the economy has forced me to find a renter for that portion to help make ends meet. I am now living with JQ, so the short commute along with calculating my time more efficiently is still a factor for me. Even more so, I find myself caught in the middle of where I was artistically before the flood, and where I want to go with it from here. I can clearly see where I want to take my artwork in terms of style; this process was facilitated by my time away from oils and the different outlook afforded by my temporary studio. Yet, I need time to develop a method to get there in the way of a series or some focused effort of actual content. Consequently, I find myself searching once again for my groove.