Hustle & Flow Continued

I am happy to report that the week continued to usher in new positive events in my life. Since Monday, I continued to do my part through meditation, recognizing negative thoughts and trying to counter them with healthier ones, clearing more physical space to make room for positive energy, and giving what I could to support those around me. In return, I received a letter of acceptance into a gallery in Texas. What made this even more remarkable to me is that I sent my artist information nearly a year ago. I assumed that since I did not hear from them, my materials had either been lost in the shuffle or I had been rejected. I was amazed by the timing. I also learned yesterday that I have been accepted into an art festival this summer.

It is my hope that this blog serves as a friendly reminder to anyone who may be facing challenges right now that you still have the power to change your situation. Here's to working for better days.