Unforseeable Future Continued

Last month, I posted a blog called Unforeseeable Future. I finished the entry acknowledging uncertainty in my future, while maintaining some semblance of hope. Since then, I continued to forge forward. I realized I have put entirely too much stock into my own expectations of what the future should provide. This has caused me great disappointment, pain and ultimately anxiety. As I make the transition to accept my reality, working to change it without relying on a definite outcome, I have been amazed at the many opportunities life affords when I am merely open to whatever they may be. I have released my narrow scope of expectations, expanding to a wider ranger of possibilities.

As I came down to my studio the other day, I looked outside to a beautiful, gray day. As my sight descended from the sky downward, to my front porch, I noticed a curious fleck of white in my planter. I opened the door and stepped outside to get a closer look. Much to my surprise, the green stalks I noticed and wrote about last month had finally bloomed, yielding tiny white flowers. A powerful surge of joy began overcame me, upon this discovery. It began deep inside, warming my sould and poured outward, completely changing my disposition. These flowers are the seeds of renewed hope within me and I share this story with you to inspire that same feeling.