New Release

I just finished a series of five paintings as part of my Interludes series. This is work envisioned from my trip earlier this year to Chicago for The Artist Project. At the event, I had an epiphany that clearly revealed where I needed to direct my work, creatively speaking. The feeling crystalized over the duration of the event as I was surrounded by the works of peers, masters, and other progressive thinking people within the industry. I was so anxious to move forward on this vision that I actually spent time redoing some of my other musicians when I got back home to better reflect this new style (i.e. the image to the left, "12th Street Rag".

With this new set of paintings, I am leaving behind, for now, the jazz musicians of my past efforts to concentrate on the instruments alone (see image right). The new work is a celebration of their beauty through an exploration of shape and contour with implications of sound and energy. I also see possibilities with the juxtaposition of several instruments together on the same canvas through the interplay of form. Together, they work to create harmony in song. My aim is to capture this concept visually. With all of these elements in mind, I refer to this series of five as my first Album. The album title suggesting a cohesive effort of work within a series, in addition to my affection for music and the musical process.

If you visit my Interludes Gallery, you will find these five paintings under the title of "Album 1"; I think you'll find it obvious from the thumbnails which paintings fall under this category. Currently, I am working on six new works for my second Album and am thrilled with how they are shaping up. More to come soon.