How To Place Foot Firmly In Mouth: A Cautionary Tale

The interview was going exceedingly well, as I leaned back in my chair; my confidence building with every answer. We both knew I was over-qualified for the position and I felt like we were in agreement on so many meaningless details. The connection seemed to warm up the cold, sterile room which was furnished with an ovular meeting table, some cheap office chairs, a white board with cryptic red writing and diagrams scribbled on it, and a window that now served as a shrinking symbol of freedom.

As she spoke, I couldn't help but notice the cross resting above her breast. The conversation continued for a little while longer until she paused to look at her watch. She had other interviews to conduct. In fact, they were all back to back for the next four hours.

"No rest for the wicked," I blurted in the drunkenness of overconfidence. We shook hands and as I walked out the door, I realized I had completely nullified any chance I had at being considered for the position.