Special Delivery

Over the weekend, I delivered two new commissioned paintings to some folks who had patiently waited for the arrival of their art. I always enjoy this part of the process. At the beginning of a commissioned project, there is an energy I share with my clients that comes from possibilities of creation and collaboration. Once I am able to capture and visually demonstrate my ideas, and they are accepted, that feeling shifts slightly to one of anticipation. There is no way I can precisely illustrate what the final work will look like, so there is a leap of faith between my finalized sketch and the finished painting. As a result, when the paintings are finally delivered to their new home, the emotion elevates to a point that always makes for a joyous reception. Last weekend was no exception.

I have included a picture of the paintings as they hang in their new home. To see each painting on its own, please visit http://www.jaredsteinberg.com/ccagallery.htm.