Looking Into The Future

Yesterday, as I was in the middle of a painting session, I had an amazing revelation. For my latest collection of work (which I will soon post online), I have focused on taking my Interludes series to a new level. This direction stemmed from my experience in Chicago, at The Artist Project, and I have spent my time since then aligning my work to match that vision. I have achieved a milestone in this process, manifesting my first complete body of work; five paintings total which I refer to as my first album (more on this later).

While working on one of the pieces yesterday, I literally found myself looking through the painting, to future editions of my work to where it will evolve to over time. In other words, I could literally see a process from where I am now to where I will eventually be, just as clear as if it had already happened. The joy will ultimately be in the process, but knowing where I am going gave me such a warm feeling, I could hardly contain myself.