How Do I Know When A Painting Is Finished?

"How do you know when you've finished a painting?" he asked. It's an interesting question I get asked a lot. The more experience I gain, however, the easier it is for me to answer the question because I am more deliberate with my work than ever before. In other words, I know what a "Jared Steinberg" painting should look like. My work is the rhythm and harmony of lights, darks and color with a consitent treatment of brushwork. I have also developed a particular philosophy on color pairings that serve to shape my palette. Because my style has emerged to a certain level of consistency through the expressive brushstrokes which I call Contemporary Expressionism, I can often visualize my paintings on canvas while they are still blank. My paintings are finished when the work matches my vision.

I think the real key to all of this is work. Hard work has given me time and experience to be more intentional with my art, resulting in an inherent understanding of my paintings that has developed concurrently with my skill level.