Last week, I attended an artist reception at The Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce. The event, titled All That Jazz, featured my work along with three other Colorado artists. I was the only painter; the other artists were photographers and the work on display centered around the theme of jazz. The reception was very enjoyable with food, wine and a jazz band.

I met my L there. I was a little nervous and tense when I first arrived. After a little conversation with L and a glass of wine, we circulated a bit through the crowd to the area where the band was. As I listened to the music, I took in the shape of the instruments, the sounds, the textures of the evening. I tried to visually capture moments for future paintings. I finally relaxed and we circulated back into the group to meet people.

There was one woman who really fascinated me. She appeared to be well connected in the CWCC network and was introducing various people to one another. When she met me and discovered I was ‘the painter,’ she immediately knew I must be a bass player. I was shocked and gratified- few people take the time to deduce that I am also a musician, but I never had anyone able to pinpoint my instrument of choice through my paintings.

I left the reception satisfied. Not only were my paintings well received, but knowing that I was able to, subliminally, effectively communicate with somebody else through my art without the aid of words… well, words alone just won’t suffice to explain my feelings.