Three To One

I was sitting in between three walls of my paintings at The Artist Project show with JQ. We had arranged the show so that each wall featured a different series; to my left was the 'Scapes series, behind me the jazz musicians from my Interludes series, and to my right were various stories from my Narratives series.

A year ago, we were in Vail with a similar setup for an art festival there. I remember a woman walking into the booth and commenting on how it seemed that each series was painted by a different artist.

This has been a dilemma for me- as an artist who is ultimately seeking to be represented by a gallery, my work not only has to be of a certain quality to enter the market place, but galleries also favor consistency. With my focus divided by three different pursuits, how do I resolve this challenge? From my point of view, I am interested in the subject matter of each series, I enjoy the diversity, and learn lessons from one that I can apply to the others. Though each series differs in terms of content, the application of the paint is the same; in the style I have named for my work as Contemporary Expressionism.

As JQ and I sat in the booth, a woman walked in and looked around at each wall. Her initial reaction was, "These works seem to have been done by different artists." After spending a little more time observing, however, she retracted her statement and admitted the styles were more in accord than she had originally perceived. Was this a confirmation that I had made progress in the last year? I can't say for sure, but I do believe in spite of the different themes I've chosen to explore, I am gaining consistency in bridging them so that when you look at one of my paintings, you will recognize it as a "Jared Steinberg" painting.