Ten New Works

I just finished assembling ten new canvasses to paint. Two of them will be commissioned work, two more will be paintings based off my trip to Chicago, and the remaining six will mark a new direction in my Interludes series.

This body of work marks a different approach in painting for me. In the past, I would sketch out a concept with a fairly good idea of where I wanted to go with the work. Once I began actual painting, however, I would search to tie up any compositional loose-ends directly on the canvas. The ten works I'm beginning now will be more planned. This method was derived from lessons learned at The Artist Project in addition to reading about the way the Renaissance artists worked. Michelangelo, for example, produced approximately 300 sketches for one of his projects. Though I don't believe my studies will be that extensive, the benefit of immersing myself into a particular study enables me to become more of an "expert" on any given subject. This, in turn, bodes well for me to convincingly render that particular subject on to canvas.

Through this conceptualization process, I am already beginning to visualize how the finalized work will appear. It is enabling me to be very deliberate and ultimately, I think the next ten works will be some of my best paintings yet. I'm very excited. Stay tuned!!!