Paint Binder

I recently completed a commissioned work for a friend of mine who was surprising his wife for their anniversary. He wanted me to paint a picture of the house they will be moving from soon.

After our initial meeting, I was eager to get to work on his project. He was so enthusiastic about the collaboration. That enthusiasm, in turn, fueled my passion for the painting and so the ideas readily came to me. Though the work appears at first to be of the house alone, if you look closely, the windows in the center allude to several chapters from the family's history. Subtleties in my work are some of the things I enjoy most about painting. They help me create artwork you can come back to again and again, finding something different each time in a brushstroke, a color or even meaning.

The joy carried through the entire project- from the meeting, to the planning, painting, and eventual delivery of the final product. When the couple finally saw the finished piece, I knew from their reaction that what I had put into the work was received by them in a very special way. It is for this reason that I enjoy doing customized commissioned artwork- the emotional aspect of connecting with others through art.