What It Is

I am in the process of revising my portolio, which contains not only images of my work, but supporting documentation such as a resume, biography and artist statement describing my work. This has been a frequent process for me in the last two years, as my paintings have evolved and the distinction of my work becomes more pronounced and intentional. With this emerging clarity comes the ability for me to better describe my work through words.

Earlier in my career, I was mostly influenced by Picasso and Cubism with some of my jazz pieces, so I was calling myself a Neo-Cubist. As I learned more about color, however, my influence shifted to the Impressionists (Monet and Pissarro come to mind). So, for the past year, I've been calling myself an Impressionist, but that didn't seem to be an accurate description for very long either. The Impressionists worked from nature, attempting to capture the effects of light. I realized my art does not reflect the aims of the Impressionists, as I mainly work in my studio, largely using my imagination and intuition to generate my compositions.

My paintings are narrative work based off perceptions of reality and recollections from my imagination. I distort the subject matter to fit within the dimensions of a canvas to tell my story. As I see it, my philosophy is most in line with what is called Expressionism. I am therefore calling my work Contemporary Expressionism, as I feel it most accurately describes what I do.