I was driving to the gym today, flipping through radio stations trying to get a decent song to play when I found Nirvana's "Lithium" playing. I cranked up the volume and proceeded to happily sing along while furiously rocking out behind the wheel. During the instrumental lead-in, I looked up in my rearview mirror and found a woman driving her car behind me, bobbing her head in time with the song. "Could it be? Could it finally be?" I thought to myself.

As music is my other passion from art, I have developed a lot of habits to keep it at the forefront of my life. In addition to actually playing it, I often find myself singing along when I can and for the times I can't, I find myself moving or lip-synching lyrics (usually in the car). As I'm driving, I'll occasionally peer into other vehicles to see if anybody else is grooving to their tunes. I've always thought it'd be a kick to look over and see somebody else jamming to the same song. I've waited years for this to happen... and today it did.

As I continued to rock out to Nirvana, I kept an eye on the rearview mirror and sure enough, when Cobain's voice came back on, the woman in the car behind me and I were both mouthing the words... in synch! Yes!!! A rush of warm fuzzies ran through me as the song continued, "I'm so happy, 'cuz today I found my friends..."

I wondered if she was aware that I was listening to the same song too, but it didn't really matter- the dream was realized, leaving me to ponder another simple pleasure. Our paths soon diverged, and I turned off the street to go my way as the song went on.