I spend most days by myself. It is the nature of my job and something I've come to cherish- time alone. When I find myself with company, I tend to be sensitive to the quality of conversation I have with others. In doing so, I am aware of people who lack the ability to conduct a reciprocal discussion, speaking freely of themselves without the slightest inquiry of those around them (i.e. my recent Client blog- see January '08). In such exchanges, I resign myself to simply listen, as I find myself either being cut off or met with a vacant stare as I speak. It has also lead me to believe that art is my way to express without being interrupted by unconscious people.

The painting depicted here is called “Listening”. If you look at the position of the hands, they are not engaged in playing the guitar. Rather, they rest on the body, waiting; they are listening before responding. Too often, people are eager to speak or act without really hearing the bigger picture of what it is they are contributing to. This piece is about understanding your surroundings so you can make a very deliberate and impactful contribution.