On The Importance of Lighting

From an artist's perspective, there are many factors to consider when producing artwork: the subject matter, for example; the dimensions of a piece; what colors to use; etcetera, etcetera. Upon determining these factors and actually beginning my work, the final, but perhaps most important consideration is lighting.

When I’m working on a piece in my studio during the day, I block off the sunlight from my windows, as the sun tends to bounce off my floors and cause a glare on the paintings. With the sunlight removed, I use two primary studio lights with different bulbs to bring out all of the colors in my work.
Proper lighting can make all the difference in the world. The painting shown on the right was purchased over the summer by my aunt and uncle. Once they framed and hung the piece, they installed a special art light for the painting; the difference was striking. It brought out all the subtle colors that were concealed with standard incandescent lighting.

The image on top is a simulation of how the picture appears in standard house lighting. The image below shows the same picture with the proper lighting.

Most people hang their work in specific parts of their home, but tend to overlook the importance of lighting for that particular area. To learn more about different types of light and lighting methods, I would recommend you take a look at the following links:

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