Discussion: Dinner With Three Famous People

I was on a walk with a good friend of mine and she brought up a topic for discussion that I would be interesting to share here, in hopes of getting a response from more people (that'd be you). She posed the following question:
    If you could pick any three famous people to have an evening of discussion with (a kind of famous guest dinner party), who would they be?
The list can be anyone alive or deceased. I would very much appreciate your comments on your own guest list. In the meantime, I'll start mine along with a brief li'l ditty as to why I chose them:

1. Eddie Vedder- I remember being in college and listening to Pearl Jam for the first time. Their music moved me and over the years, my fondness for the band only increased. I applauded Eddie and PJ for taking a stand against TicketMaster, questioning their additional "service" fees. As they've matured, the band has managed to keep its integrity while remaining relevant as a musical force. I could go on, but you get the idea. In any event, I feel like Eddie Vedder would be a thoughtful, intelligent guest with a passionate view that would spark some interesting conversation.

2. Marilyn Milian- One of my guilty pleasures of late is watching The People's Court. Judge Milian now resides over the show that began in the 1980s and brings with her both clarity and conscience. Using power, experience and compassion, Judge Milian strives to educate and empower people to be accountable for their actions. I have the utmost respect for all that she has accomplished and am completely addicted to the show. I think her direct approach and quick wit would bring an interesting element to the gathering.

3. Paulo Coelho- Author of my favorite and most inspirational book, "The Alchemist." This is the book that pushed me to pursue my dream of being a full-time artist. Since then, I have read all of Coelho's books and everytime I finish one, I am amazed how timely the message from that particular book is and how it directly applies to me. Paulo's universal themes are those of love and self-awareness. His spiritual insight would certainly round out the group and make for an interesting evening.

Now, if could only pull this get-together off! So, what about you? Who would you invite?