Blow There are two paintings I have ever done that I am not simply not willing to part with. As an artist, that is a seemingly obvious yet challenging concept to accept- you create a work, it comes from your heart and in return kisses your eyes, finding its way back again to your heart- but you cannot keep everything you make. I create art so I can share a part of me in a way that words simply cannot afford me.

Back at Arizona State, when I began painting more seriously in pursuit of my passion, I was advised to never fall in love with my own work, if I intended to sell and make a living from painting. It was a difficult lesson to learn, but ultimately it comes down to having the confidence to know that whatever I achieved in a particular piece could always be repeated or improved. That said, I have kept two of my paintings as a reward to myself because I consider them landmark paintings. The one I am speaking of for this entry is called "Blow." It is a painting that has proved to be extremely popular- I have had many people inquire its price, only to find that it was not for sale.

For my open studio event in October (just a few weeks ago), I put "Blow" on display. With it hanging on the walls of my studio, I've had plenty of time to look at the work and in doing so, I've had a desire to redo the painting to better reflect my technical abilities. This week, I began work on five new, large canvasses; one of them will be an updated version of "Blow" and I am very excited about it. It will give me the opportunity to enhance the drama of the work, using the skills and knowledge I have gained since I completed it, five years ago. I am hopeful the work will be completed in time for my open studio event in December. Who knows- maybe I'll even put it up for sale ;).