From Frida to Camille

JQ and I have plans to go to France in the near future. In preparation for the trip, we've been learning French and implementing it in everyday conversation, whenever possible. I thought it would be a good idea to further our understanding of the language by watching French films. One of the films we recently viewed was called Camille Claudel. The movie is about the French sculptor Camille Claudel with not only her personal story as an artist, but the relationship she had with legendary sculptor Auguste Rodin.

Camille's plight seemed comparable to that of Frida, which I recently blogged about. The movies are similar to me because they both depict strong, talented female artists in their attempts to emerge from the shadows of their male counterparts (Diego to Frida and Rodin to Camille) while overcoming challenges they face by their cultures, their family and their own gender.

Unlike Frida, which I felt focused more on the tumultuous relationship between Diego and Frida, this film reveals more about what made Camille a great sculptor, in addition to her relationship with Rodin and the suspicious circumstances that ultimately led to her demise. I would highly recommend this movie for those of you who are interested either in a great film or learning about a new historical figure.