Dream: Release

T and I had just got into the car and were on our way out to listen to some other local bands. The hilly city reminded me much of Seattle, but in fable, it was San Francisco. A steady stream of rain coated the pavement as I drove through the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The water accumulated and began to run through the streets in shallow, broad bands while the neon signs colored the wet sidewalks, complementing the yellow/purple sunset with their reflections.

I hadn't anticipated a deceivingly steep hill and soon the automobile lost power until it ultimately stalled and then receeded slightly back down the grade. I stopped to regroup and revved the engine, but the car failed to advance against the current and so we got out, in search of safer ground as the water rushed through the streets with frightening force. As we made our way to the sidwalk, I looked to my left. Up the street, a giant wave, with a menacing white crest, crashed its way between the buildings that provided an easy path of destruction.

As the people scattered to get out of its way, T and I found a spot with a nook that just might save us from the initial impact, though I suspected our chances were slim at best. I had a backpack and turned to T to ask if there was anything worth saving in it. I knew the answer was no, but felt obligated to ask, as if my words could somehow lessen the severity of what was about to take place. In the dwindling seconds, my mindset completely shifted from panic to complete peace and clarity. I knew there was nothing worth saving. I also knew that the impact of the wave would probably change the city and our way of life forever. The thought scared me at first, but as I reached this sense of calm, I accepted my fate, with no thought to the future. I released my expectations.

And then I woke up.