Green Eggs and Scam

For the most part, I really dig the internet. It has made life convenient in many ways, particularly when it comes to finding opportunities in business, as well as art for that matter. For as much as I enjoy the benefits, it amazes me how many people are out there, waiting to screw over innocent and unsuspecting people in the form of a virus, identity fraud, or scams. Over the weekend, I received what I believed to be a suspicious e-mail from a “Garritt Miller” (his e-mail, btw, is It went like this:


My name is Garritt Miller from Owasso OK, I’m interested in buying some of your beautiful artwork for our new home in the UK.

However, i must tell you that they are very beautiful work. After a close look at your work I will be happy to buy the following carefully selected artworks;

1. Frankie Got His That Night At The Dub Club
2. Listening

Kindly get back to me with the total price of the selected Artworks excluding shipping cost, and also if there is any details regards the inspiration of the work.

Await your response,



At first glance, I was half-inclined to believe the e-mail because this person mentioned two of my paintings by name. Never the less, I found a few things about the e-mail that didn’t seem quite right so I did some research and sure enough, I discovered some interesting information (and necessary reading for my fellow artists out there) that related directly to my new “art fan”:

After reading the posts from other artists on this link, I decided not to respond to “Mr. Miller.” Furthermore, I wanted to draw attention to these low-lifes so they don’t scam anyone else in the future. Please pass along the information and feel free to comment if you have any advice based on a recent experience. Protect yourself!