Work In Progress, Take One

In a posting I listed a few weeks ago, called Orchestrations, I had mentioned that I wanted to document some of my works in progress, so here's my first effort.

After a brief hiatus from doing musicians, in order to focus on my Slices of Denver show, I was eager to return to one of my favorite themes. This picture was taken after my first and, thus far, only session with this canvas. The purpose of that particular session was to establish the story of the painting, as I had not sketched nor planned the composition prior. I knew I wanted to paint a saxophonist, playing in an urban setting, surrounded by buildings and a night sky. The buildings, however, seemed to demand a specific kind of feeling to them, but initially, I wasn't sure what they should be. I opted to render a church, instead of non-descript background architecture. My solution had nothing to do with religion; the church, in the context of this painting, is a symbol for the sacredness of music.