So Write

Today was a gorgeous day in Denver. I went for a run this morning and passed by a sandwich-board outside one of the LoDo restaurants by the ballpark. I found myself admiring the chalk handwriting- loose but still legible.

As my mind wandered, I began to think back on grade-school; watching my teachers, through the years, writing their lesson plans, instructions and math problems that stretched across a panoramic blackboard. I remember being mesmerized by the motion of the chalk on the board. Even though I doubt any of them would really consider themselves artists, the way their arms flowed as they guided ordinary stubs of chalk across the board was often more captivating than the content itself. The writing equally imperfect as it was beautiful.

For as confident as I am in my ability to paint and draw, I have to admit the older I get, the more my handwriting starts to look like vital statistics on a line chart. How eternally grateful I’ve become for keyboards and typewriters.