Last night, I began work on five new oil paintings. For the past week, I had been agonizing over what exactly I was going to paint on them. Periodically, I would take out the large white canvasses and put them on my easel under good lighting to see if perhaps a design would reveal itself from the white background in front of my eyes. Perhaps I was looking for divine inspiration.

Slowly, ideas presented themselves to me. One was very clear, while the others began as concepts that needed time to ripen. Last night, it finally came together for me. I was the conductor of a visual symphony- waving my paint brush in time to the music, orchestrating the colors and composition of the painting while more specific images emerged in front of my eyes as the notes interpreted by the individual musicians.

I'm excited about the new work, as it seems to be a natural progression of my last series. The lessons learned over the last year are helping me work faster with greater focus. I'm working on a new Mayan painting, in addition to some dramatic aerial perspective pieces. I will be blogging about this body of work, and possibly adding some pics to go with it over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!