I am a visual artist, born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and currently working in the River North Art District known as RiNo. I’ve always had a natural inclination and ability to draw since I could pick up a pencil. At some point in my thirties, I sought to expand my talent to be able to intentionally put ideas from my mind to canvas. The whole experience has given me a greater artistic vocabulary to be able to express myself. Now, I create to reveal the unspoken, visual truth of human experiences. I create to share my experiences through the art of life and pleasure.

In recent years, I have been fortunate enough to travel to some artistically historic places in Europe. My inspiration extends beyond my travels to theatrical events and music concerts. These experiences have greatly influenced my way of painting in terms of visual vocabulary and approach.

I usually create in the studio, referring to photographs from my travels. I apply oil paints through a layered additive and deductive process that highlights the rhythm of brushstroke.

Jared Steinberg in studio